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Convenient Storage for Flavor Tools

So what do you do with all the Flavor components once you've used and washed them? Stick them in a kitchen drawer?

If you're anything like us, you have enough kitchen gadgets stuffing those drawers.

The Flavor Caddy keeps all of Flavor accessories together in once place so you don't go losing them!

2-Ounce Barrel

Let's face it, it's inconvenient to constantly refill your Injector with Marinade.

The Flavor Infuser's 2-Ounce Barrel Capacity ensures you minimize refills so you can get to grilling and smoking a lot sooner!

Delivers Optimum Flavor Infusion Throughout

The perfect tool to add to your Armory of BBQ Smoker Accessories, the Ultimate Flavor Solution Kit delivers optimum flavor for Brisket, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Goose, Duck, and more!

Three Needles That Accommodate Marinades Of Any Consistency

Whether you have a chunky, liquid, or puree based marinade, each rod needle can puncture the toughest cuts of meats to deeply infuse your marinade - intensifying flavor throughout!

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Be The Backyard Hero!

It's time to up the ante and put a professional spin on your kitchen and backyard cooking experiences and receive the best bang for your buck.

You'll not only bring out the best flavors in your BBQ, but you'll have friends and family raving about it!

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All-Around Flavor

Use the Flavor Infuser to intensify the flavor of your protein within and the Flavor Saver to coat your protein with flavor on the surface!


No matter the situation, you're covered all around!

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Free BBQeto eBook and User Instructions Card!

Discover the latest tips, techniques, and advice for creating recipes that will have everyone salivating! There are even a few Keto Friendly Marinades for those looking for sugar-free recipes!

Learn how to wield marinade injector like a professional and how to care for it effectively.

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Satisfy Your Palate

At its best, food is succulent, flavorful, and tender throughout.

Most people reluctantly settle for one of those qualities. With The Ultimate Flavor Solution Kit, you achieve all three.

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